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Winnners – BBQ Ribs With Attitude Competition

Second Place Winners



  • 1st place – Centrastate Medical Center

  • 2nd place – Valley Hospital

  • 3rd place tied – Robert Wood Johnson and Sysco

  • Best display – St Peter’s Hospital.

A Wonderful Time Was Had By ALL!!!


The Winners!!!


First Place Winners More Second Place winners





Valley Hospital’s new Honey Bees on North

Valley Hospital and Dawn are in the news!!

Click here to view the video, the bees in action, and Dawn’s cameo!


Dawn and the bees


Salad Construction Zone – Learning and Fun Had by All

 Fun Had By All in the Salad Construction Zone!


 This sold out crowd of 19 were led by two chefs Stephen Meier & Michael Salvatore




As part of the learning portion of the workshop, Ellen Maulbeck and Joanne McMillian put together a trivia quiz. Click here for the quiz!

The answers can be found within the four salad recipes used for the workshop!

[With regards to clues, Dan Brown has nothing on the GNJSHFSA!]

Click here to download the four salad recipes.

Bonus Extra – Click here for an additional four salad recipes!












Making The Salads








The Salads