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Employee Spoptlight – Christina Rutz


Christina Rutz, joined our team at St. Clare’s in 2008, as a food service aide, where she quickly moved up to a full time Team Leader, due to her hard work, diligence and motivation to do each job to the best of her ability

Three years later, she had a few major changes in her life, going from Miss Rutz to Mrs. Poyaoan, and on top of the wedding planning and changes in her personal life, our department, Food & Nutrition was also undergoing some changes, and again Christina was a part of them.

We had done some restructuring of the department, which created a new position at three of our campuses, the role Team Leader of Operations, and Christina was offered the position in our Denville campus. She joyfully accepted it, eager for a new challenge, a job which would offer her an opportunity to grow and the ability to learn more about our department and the hospital as a whole.

Since that year, she has become a Patient Ambassador, learning more about ways to best serve our patients and working with the kitchen staff to ensure that they are practicing AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain, Thank you) with each and every patient / customer or employee that they encounter. She has helped our department to run smoothly through the scheduling of all of our staff along with helping draft new policies and procedure to keep our staff knowledgeable about their jobs; she works with finance and accounting keeping track of our revenue from the cafeteria and coffee shop along with marketing specials and promotions that we are having to draw in more customers and increase our sales.

Lastly she has worked in our Bakery and Pastry Department to develop and fine tuned her baking skills with our Pastry Chef Erin, and she was able to use those skills to enter the Balls with Attitude contest, along with Scott Chapman, our Executive Chef, held at RWJ recently. We are very pleased to have her as a part of our team in our Food & Nutrition Department at St. Clare’s and look forward to having her continue to help our team move forward and grow.